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*Most recent update: Friday 12th September, 2205 GMT – All reports have been released

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SimRacing Magazine, the world's newest online media, is now officially active. Profiling the world of offline racing, SimRacing brings you the latest updates, rumours and features for three of the world's premeir series: Simulated Formula One, F1 Virtual World Championship, and the International GP3 Championship.

The triangle links at the top will take you to the various sections of the website. Contributions are always welcome, and if you are interested in becoming a staff writer please visit the Editorial page.

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SimRacing Magazine


SimRacing Magazine is aiming to build a comprehensive database of links to all sorts of sim-racing websites. As you can see from our Links page, we have gotten off to a decent start. But we need more! If you are a sim-racing team of any size or strength, tell us your website and we will post it on the page. Likewise for any drivers with personal sites, as well as sites of other interests such as graphics and statistics. If you know of more sim-racing leagues, send us the links. SimRacing Magazine's goal is to be your source for finding as much information as possible on the world of sim-racing. Email us today at