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SimRacing F1VWC 2004 Entry List

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2004 Entry List


Exclusive SimRacing Test Scheduler!

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Interview With Kieran Ryan

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Reflects on Sabbatical, the Past & the Future

Kieran, I think the biggest question everyone's wondering is, how do you feel about taking this sabbatical? We know your reasons, but are you looking forward to it or disappointed about it? Were there other teams you negotiated with? Who was your first choice?

“For sure it's disappointing. No driver in a good position in his career that I feel I am would like to take a sabbatical. I had no real choice in the end, this was an option, not my only option, but certainly fir various personal commitments, I had to take this option up.  I was close to some teams to signing, 2 in particular: Eire and Phoenix. The later I felt the worst about, because I was so close to signing, and with a good offer laid down to me, it was to say no, but in the end I just had. However, the former, EIRE, initially I did feel bad about, until recently. It began a little while ago. I had taken some personal time off from the league after a draining end to the season. I took my time, as I feel I should to make sure I make the correct decision and have all the elements in place that I want.

However, when I came to my decision that I wanted to sign for EIRE, I was told to wait due to some financial reasons on EIRE's side. I was told that options would be looked into on both sides of the negotiations. In the end, it was by chance of picking up a paper to find to my horror, that EIRE had signed not only 1 driver to drive beside Whiteman, but filled the testing position as well; which to me made a statement like we didn't really want you, didn't have the guts to tell you in person, and we signed all positions just to make sure that you couldn't take even a test role.  Recent slander by the EIRE team has NOT gone unnoticed, but I shall not waste time discussing such futile and rubbish points that were made!”

Will you be doing much private racing or practice over the next 6 months?

”If I do any testing at all is doubtful, but if I find the time away from my engagements then yes I will. It is important to do as much testing as I can to be fit and ready for my return post Canada.”


Would you come back for a one-off test for a team in the next 6 months?

”I haven't been approached by any team for a one off test, so I can't answer, but as I say if I get any chance to practice under these new rules, then yes I shall.”


Are you racing in any other leagues, such as GPChampionship this year?

”No. I dedicate myself to one league, and one league only. I admire any other driver(s) who can do more the one league, but for me I like to concentrate on one goal and one league. If there's something I've learned in business is:
'Work smarter, not harder’.”


You missed a large portion of last season and now 6 months in 2004. All told, that's scarcely 5 months of racing out of 18. Do you find yourself gaining other interests besides racing, or perhaps losing interest altogether?


“No, not at all. I still love what I do. I mean I've done roughly 20 race starts since my debut at Malaysia 2002. I loved what I do, I love the people that I meet. I do have other interests, but grand prix racing is my number 1 choice. For sure in 2005 I shall be back to fight again for the championship. I have plenty years and plenty time in this league, and I feel the same for the league itself. There are so many different people involved in this league and it's been great to get to know each and every one. You have your bad apples, but most are good!”


Do you plan to stay involved with the league community? Are you concerned that this time off might turn into more than 6 months?

”I put light stress on the 6 month term. I could have driven 1-3 Grands Prix between now and Canada, which maybe I'll look into. It is quite doubtful but what isn't doubted is my love for what I do. I will be back, 'watch my lips';-)”


Did your pedals breaking have an impact on your decision?

”If anything to be honest, it made my decision easier. My decision was 3 fold: prior personal things and matters of tests that I had to deal with which ends in June; contractual issues and also the breaking of my pedals, during a fun smash around of Silverstone.”


Are there any teams that you foresee signing with for the 2nd half of the season? Or will you wait until an opening comes up?

”I have been speaking to some people in particular, and I've been chatting around, seeing who's with whom and whose going to who etc. I have my plans; you may even see a deal coming through before June, for me to race after June.”


When do you foresee re-joining the grid? Will the announcement come earlier than June or July, even if you don't actually return to the track until then? Would you return earlier than currently planned?

”The announcement will come I hope for the Canadian grand prix weekend, which should see me back in action at the United States grand prix. I've good memories from there, especially last year. As for any earlier return, if something really decent opens up and my commitments here in Ireland are not of real importance at that time, then perhaps, for a
1 off race, I may return; it would certainly help my points situation for when I do open up my campaign hopefully at the USA grand prix in June.”


Although testing is only now beginning, which teams and drivers do you see as standing out at this point? Any predictions for the season?

”I have some ideas of who could be strong and who could be weak. Never underestimate any team is my thought, you never know who can spring to be a real contender. I don't think a lot of people presumed myself and Mikko back in 2002 would be the real threats, but we stuck at it, and worked hard, and it paid off. Both championships were secured before the end of the season even.


Mapes-VO should be a contender. From my look at last year, I don't feel they performed as well as they could of. There was a drop off of performance I feel, even though they did manage to win the constructors again. They have a good driver paring and will once again be at the front, now recharged and Hungary for  more.


Stealth lost their engine out to MMC Racing, and I now it looks like they (MMC) will appear to be the dark horse, even though they remain relatively unproven after only 2 races in 2003. They have a strong driver paring which should see them do some real damage.


JTM Ferrari were quite consistent in qualifying spec last year, but their race efforts dipped a bit. I think despite this, they did a bang up job, after also being only new to the grid. This year, they should be as strong and if they can hold on to their qualifying positions then I can see them do some real damage. I think they're the main contenders that I foresee, but we can all be surprised that's for sure!”


SimRacing Exclusive.


2004 F1VWC Sponsorship Table
January 7, 2004

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F1VWC Sponsorship Table

Interview With Ryan McConkey
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

MMC Boss and #1 Driver

Ryan McConkey, former Interim Manager of Stella Stealth-Renault and now co-owner and driver of MMC Racing, sat down this evening with SimRacing Magazine to discuss the current season, and plans for 2004.

SimRacing: "Ryan, thank you for joining us for the first ever interview done by SimRacing Magazine. Hopefully the start of many more to come! So how has 2003 been for you, personally? You've been through a few changes this year, going from Stealth to MMC and becoming a race driver."

Ryan McConkey: "Yes, this year has been up and down. I've been all over the place...coming into a managing job with no managing experience whatsoever, and to have the team do so well made me feel so good but a part of me was missing racing. So I decided to venture out on my own and manage my co-owned team, and finally drive which is what I love to do the most, but managing has become very close to it. I like the managing part a lot too, which is really the reason why I love where I am, managing my own team and racing for it makes me feel great."

SR: "Has it been frustrating at all?"

RM: "The year as a whole, I'm happy with it, but I'm looking forward to next season, so I can start from the beginning of the season, rather than starting half way through."

SR: "What if you were tempted by other teams?"

RM: "I would probably tell them nicely that I am going to go full-on SFO in 2004 with team MMC and that I aim to get at least third place in the Constructors Championship. I've been approached by a few teams, and its nice to know that people want me to drive for them, but I like where I am with my own team."

SR: "Do you have a response to the recent rumours about Matt Maple's imminent departure from the team?"

RM: "Well, we are currently seeking a temp replacement for Matt while he is absent the first half of the season. But MMC is not going away!"

SR: "So you are confident that a replacement can be found for Maple?

RM: "Myself and Mr. Maple just discussed finding one, and I feel we can do so in time for next season."

SR: "Are there any plans for further expansion of MMC?"

RM: "Well, MMC is going to stick to racing just in the SFO, if we do well in the championship for 2004 we may expand to other leagues in 2005...that is always a possibility."

SR: "Do yourself personally and MMC have stated goals for the remainder of 2003?"

RM: "We are just going to try and complete the final four races and get some points...and TRY to beat Apex. It is going to be difficult with the points difference and only four races left, but we are definitely going to try."

SR: "Who is your tip for second in the Driver's Championship?"

RM: "It's all very close, there are 3 guys who can take it, but I feel, Miki will take 2nd."

SR: "What state do you think the SFO will be in by the 2004 season?"

RM: "I have such a great feeling about the SFO in 2004. Things are really starting to get sorted out, the team slots are full and drivers are coming all the time, so its going to be very fun. I'm really looking forward to next season, and its like 7 months away!"

SR: "What is your opinion thus far of SimRacing Magazine?"

RM: "It kicks major ass!"

SR: "Cheers for that Ryan, best of luck in the remainder of the 2003 season and beyond."

RM: "Thank you, it was my pleasure, keep up the good work at SimRacing."

SimRacing Exclusive.