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SimRacing Magazine: Fall 2003 Rumours Archive

October 20: VedderF1 withdraws from the F1VWC in order to concentrate on the SFO. This leaves a grid slot open, effective immediately. Status of Jim Moir and Adam Fretter as drivers unknown, although Fretter is still expected to stay in the VWC.

October 17: Bernardo Bercht, graphics designer and former manager of TNT Motorsports, indicates his interest in getting back into the F1VWC in some sort of role, either as co-manager or perhaps fully-fledged team owner. Email him at

October 17: Teams confirmed for 2004: EIRE, FinOz, JTM, Mapes-VO,  MMC Racing, Phoenix F1, Simsoa, SCUM, and Stealth. F1VWC Admin still waiting for confirmation from MMRT and Vedder F1, with rumours that Vedder may not continue in the VWC after all.

October 17: PhoenixF1 confirms Jan Kelder's retirement from racing, although he may still be available for testing roles. Kelder nevertheless is a free agent at the moment. Andy Graydon confirmed today that Antonio Irisarri has signed for 2004, leaving one seat available with PhoenixF1.

October 5: NWO's Matt Hunt announces his departure from sim racing, for the time being at least. Jim Moir, who was named as co-owner of the team in September, now takes over full ownership and changes its name to Vedder F1. Adam Fretter has signed with Vedder for 2004 and possibly the Japanese Grand Prix of 2003.

September 20: Simon Jeavons announced as Patrick Alsemgeest's replacement at Simsoa, effective immediately.

September 20: Serbian Miodrag Mihailovic and team owner Miguel Oliveira confirmed to race for Mantra Motorsport at Indianapolis and Suzuka.

September 19: TGM has been moved to the F1VWC Waiting List effective immediately, after a sub-par effort attracting drivers and finishing races. In their place, Mantra Motorsport Racing Team will join the league. Mantra is the project of Portuguese Miguel Oliveira, former GPVWC test and SFO race driver for Stealth Grand Prix. Mantra Motorsport will race at USA and Japan, with a full out launch for 2004.

September 19: Mapes-VO boss Matt Maple confirmed today to SimRacing Magazine that World Champion Mikko Jakonen and 2003 race winner Petri Loukasmaki will both be staying with the team in 2004. This marks Jakonen's third successive year with Mapes-VO and Loukasmaki's second. Jakonen is still within reach of winning a second straight championship for the team, and has won nine races between this season and last.

September 19: Simsoa's Lawrence Simpson, in an interview with SimRacing, said today that Dutch driver Patrick Alsemgeest will not be racing in 2004. Alsemgeest will finish out the 2003 season, but "Due to the fact of his studies... for 2004, he will not drive for Simsoa" stated Simpson. Several drivers have been floated for the two Simsoa seats, including many current GP4League drivers. Simpson confirmed that he has offered a seat to Slovenian standout Miodrag Mihailovic.

September 19: MMC Racing's co-owner Matt Maple said today that Paul Sleight will be racing for the team in 2004. The Briton is already under contract for the remaining two races of 2003. Confirmation has not been made from Sleight or co-owner Ryan McConkey, but that is expected to be a formality.

September 18: NWO has been confirmed as the 11th team in the F1VWC, creating a full grid for the first time since March, 2003. The team will compete in the final two races of this season and then commence preparations for 2004. Jim Moir has been announced as co-manager of the team, and will drive alongside owner Matt Hunt, who have both been confirmed for Indy, Suzuka and 2004.

September 18: Kari Koski will suit up in 2004 for his new team, FinOz Racing. The Finn has mainly concentrated on the IGP3Championship this year, but has raced GP4 in the GPTC, scoring 27 points and sitting in 8th place in the championship for Mapes-VO. There has been no word yet as to whether co-owner Steve Elencevski, recently crowned as IGP3 champion, will also be making the jump to GP4 in the F1VWC.